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WEF ranks Nigeria 117th among 118 countries on quality power supply in 2017

Tola Oni
July04/ 2017
The World Economic Forum’s Global Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI) has ranked the performance of countries’ energy systems, as well as quality of electricity supply for 2017.

The EAPI report, prepared in collaboration with Accenture, ranks 127 countries based on their ability to provide energy across three dimensions of the “energy triangle”.

The top 20 performers on the 2017 index represent a diverse mix. European countries lead the index, with Switzerland (1st) and Norway (2nd) taking the top spots. But other regions also hold high-ranking positions: Colombia (8th), Uruguay (10th) and Costa Rica (14th) are the highest-ranked Latin American nations, while Africa biggest economy Nigeria places 110th.

Nigeria also ranked 117th at the bottom of the ranking of 118 countries on quality of electricity supply according to energy access and security, sustainability and contribution to economic growth.


Read full EAPI report HERE


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Tola Oni