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Facebook new feature allows you to share your location with friends

Tola Oni
March28/ 2017
Facebook has made it impossible to lose your friends ever again with a new location-tracking service.

The social media giant has revealed it is introducing the ability to share exactly where you are in the world via the Messenger app for the first time.

The new Live Location feature allows Facebook Messenger users will be able to broadcast their location using the app for up to an hour – making meeting up easier than ever.

The service is not always tracking, as users will be able to choose exactly when they share their location, and who sees it.

Messenger users can launch the new service by tapping on the new ‘location’ icon displayed above their chat message.

This will then open up a map showing your current location, along with the option to share this with the person you are chatting with.

Once activated, your friend will be able to see your movements for an hour, with changes reflected in real time.

The service will also show how long it would take to get to the other person’s location by car, but you can also choose to tap anywhere on the map to arrange to meet there instead.

You can stop sharing your location at any time during this period by tapping on the ’Stop Sharing’ button that appears in the map windows.

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Tola Oni